Maui Yoga Mats guarantees its yoga mats to be free of defects and last for life. Maui Yoga Mats must be used and cared for by following the care instructions. If a mat wears out from normal use and cared for under normal conditions, we will replace the mat. Damage resulting from modifying the mat, altering the mat, improper handling or care, improper storing of the mat when not in use, negligence, using the mat for another purpose other than what the mat is designed to be used for is not covered under the guarantee.


Criteria Not Covered Under the Guarantee:


  • Normal wear and tear of prints such as fading, flaking, or peeling
  • Damage from outside elements or factors (outside conditions)
  • Damage from use other than yoga, pilates, or similar fitness activities.
  • Damage from excessive amounts of water or liquids (mats are machine washable when promptly removed, but leaving a mat submerged in water for a period of time is not covered under the guarantee)
  • Creases and folds from improper handling and/ or storing. Mats should lay flat or be stored rolled up.
  • Improper cleaning (i.e. Harsh Chemicals, vacuum cleaner – do not vacuum your mat, etc.)

If you would like to be considered for the replacement guarantee, please submit a contact form request. Please provide a clear photo showing the issue. Maui Yoga Mats will review the request submission and determine if the submission meets the requirements for the guarantee. After Maui Yoga Mats reviews the submission request, you will receive further instruction. You will be responsible for sending your original mat that is of issue back to Maui Yoga Mats. You will receive a response to you submission within 3 business days. Any submissions after 8pm PST, will be considered submitted the following day.