We Are the Official Sponsor of the 2016 Maui Film Festival!

Aloha my fellow Maui lovers! It's that time of year again...and if you're like me, you know what I'm talking about. We start getting extra antsy and movie-addicted around the end of May...simply because we know that the Maui Film Festival is just around the corner! This fabulous event is anticipated year round, as it…
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We’re Opening a Yoga Studio and Storefront!

Maui really is paradise. White sand beaches hug nearly every coastline. Palm trees sway gently overhead as you sprawl out on the beach, icy-cold beverage in hand and sand sprinkling your toes. The sun is either sparkling on the water or painting the sky bright pinks and orange at the end of the day. There's…
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Introducing the 2016 Maui Yoga Festival

Mark your calendars, my fellow yogis. On April 30th, 2016, it's time for Aloha and Namaste to come together...for the first time, Maui is hosting it's very own Maui Yoga Festival. It's less than two months away, and it's showing promising signs of simultaneously being the most exciting and the most relaxing event to grace the…
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